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Agricultural Leadership & Community Education I (STOCKSCH 297AL) and II (397AL) is a 2-part course series offered in the Sustainable Food & Farming major in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst.

As we explore more sustainable systems of production in agriculture, we need to train our next generations of farmers and food systems advocates. This learning often takes place beyond formal classrooms, and more in the field, workshops, conferences and apprenticeships. Someday, YOU may be the one leading community workshops and organizing local events.

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Blending the role of teacher and farmer, this class is for those interested in teaching about food systems, agriculture, and building community in a variety of settings. My hope is to provide a brief introduction to various contexts that you may work in, and you will then engage more deeply with a context of your choice.

In part two of this course, we apply these theories in real-life settings.  Students work in collaboration with community groups and events to share their passions in workshops, demos and hands-on installations.  For example, students have given workshops in collaboration with CHD’s Not Bread Alone (Community Meal Program in Amherst, MA), Amherst Regional Public Schools (School Gardens), Amherst Sustainability Festival (Annual Town Event), various student groups on campus, and more!

About the Instructor

Sarah Berqu09192015-FungiAlly-JuliaLuckettPhotography-74-3ist is an Instructor in the UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture and is passionate about Sustainable Food & Farming, Agriculture Education, and Social Justice.
She is excited to equip students with practical life skills like the ability to grow their own food, confidence in leading others, and critical thinking to solve problems regardless of the career path they choose. Experiential learning is at the heart of her teaching philosophy and she loves getting her hands dirty with her students in the field.

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